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In mid' 2008, Jerome Staten released his debut sex stories book entitled,"Daddy's Sex Chronicles- Volume I"

 (which received an Editor's Choice Award

and is now recognized by Mobipocket.com as a "Best Seller.") The following year, he released his first novel entitled, "Burning Bridges". He is currently working on his 3rd masterpiece of erotica short stories entitled "Daddy's Sex Chronicles-Volume 2 (Special Edition). Each story will allow you to live vicariously through each character and will cause your body to go through changes. Buckle up and hold on tight!!!



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Mr. Staten also has several articles published that tackles issues that several

people are experiencing daily, "Infidelities & Settling for Being The Other


To read these articles, along with several other articles written by Mr. Staten,

simply type his full name into the Google search engine.






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